FAQs for Local Wedding Association

One of the most secured references that you can heavily rely on when looking for wedding services is the local trade associations. Every wedding service has a corresponding trade association or group. If you need a wedding photographer, the best trade union to ask help or inquiry is the WIPA or Wedding Photographers International. If you need assistance with wedding planning, you can visit the site of Wedding Planners Association. If you need assistance with catering, you can go to NACE or National Association of Catering and Events.

weddingThere are a number of trade unions that you can make use when looking for a wedding service. In order to be prepared and not to waste time, it is important that you should prepare questions when visiting the website or physical office of these trade unions. Here are some of the questions to ask at your local wedding association:

Do you have consultants?

The wedding industry is too huge to explore, and if you have no guide the tendency is you get double crossed by other vicious providers. In order for a well guided search for the service, it is important to know whether the trade association has a consultant. There are trade associations that are founded for non-profit purpose so you can take advantage of the service. Your consultant will guide you to the right people or service providers.

Are the references wedding related businesses?

There are cases when some of the association or trade union members are not really wedding affiliated business. In fact, most of the businesses like food, disc jockey and videography may not necessarily be wedding related. If the provider is a member of a certain union, it means that the service is high quality but not necessarily closely associated to wedding. If you are very particular with this kind of detail, it is important to ask ahead so you can filter the searches.

Are the association members certified?

Since most of the association members are independent contractors, it is important if to know if the trade union is requiring certification for all the members. A good trade union asks all of its members to undergo training, certification and retraining as the years go by. This is to ensure quality of service. The wedding industry is constantly changing so it is important that the practitioners are updated and flexible when it comes to the service they provide.

What are the sanctions of a member of trade union does not follow the guidelines?

Since it is a trade association, it is important that all the members are honestly practicing the guidelines. If there are some violators, the association should be able to punish the perpetuators. One of the heaviest consequences is the removal of the independent contractor from the list of certified members.

As a customer, you will be shelling out cash for your wedding, and this could be considered as one of the biggest investments in your life. Before searching for vendors, you need to list down questions to ask at your local wedding association.